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Abduction Protocol ABDUCT

AbductionProtocol is an experimental DeFi project that uses a bot to provide "inorganic permanent marketing". Our primary goal is to make a reliable long-term investment that is completely automated, ever-growing, and community-run. Once a day our bot will "abduct" 1000 active members from an active Telegram group and then add them to our Telegram group. In theory, this should create exposure to 1000 new potential investors every day. Due to an excess amount of people that will be added, chatbots will be implemented to combat spammers, scammers and or other bots. Another bot will also be implemented to periodically remove inactive members to keep the chat alive and engaged. After the first few initial abductions made by the dev, the community will be able to decide which group we abduct from next via a majority vote. (A daily poll will be made and the one with the most votes will be the abducted group) We are currently active in creating our own NFT collection that will soon be used in a battle system. Essentially, you will receive our NFTs as airdrops for being a holder, or you can purchase packs to build your collection. Each card with have different attributes and can be used in your battle! We are in the process of creating it now! Let us know if you are an artist and interested in creating some prototype NFTs for us!

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May 5, 2021


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