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What Problems Does ATUSA Solve? 1. It is well known that Renewable and Sustainable Energy is one the best ways to control global warming. ATUSA aims to hold international conferences and symposiums worldwide to prepare a platform for researchers and engineers to develop their knowledge in renewables and encourage them to employ green energy sources in their factories and projects. Moreover, ATUSA aims to publish sophisticated scientific papers in prestigious journals to make this information available to the public. 2. ATUSA will develop green electricity in the cryptocurrency mining process to make this process clean and environmentally friendly. Despite the potential profits of the renewable energy market, cryptocurrency miners find numerous problems and limitations regarding using renewables in the mining process. ATUSA, to maximize benefits and minimize costs investors, aims to solve issues such as: • All Round Transactional Costs • Integrity and Security • Transparency of Transaction • Time and Costs Savings • Simplify and speed up the transfer of monies globally

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July 6, 2021


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