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ABettaMeta BETTA

🏝 Welcome To ABettaMeta 🏝 🔥 We are building a unique metaverse project (ABettaMetaverse) as a foundational interface where computer-generated virtual worlds, known as metaverses, can interact with one another for the first time. 🔥 $BETTA is our proprietary, deflationary BEP20 reflection token. Built to serve as the reserve currency of the metaverse, $BETTA eliminates Safemoon's Broken "Add Liquidity" function! Also, $ BETTA will be the only payment method accepted for our BETTA NFTs! 🔥 Launch of BETTA NFTs, that can be used inside ABettaMetaverse - more to come soon 💰TOKENOMICS 🎰 🔹 Total Supply : 100 Trillion 🔸 Public Pinksale Fair Launch : 30T 🔸 Pancakeswap Liquidity : 24.9T 🔸 Marketing/Airdrops : 11.1T 🔸 Burn Wallet : 10T 🔸 Team : 24T 💰 5% TAX on all transactions 🔥 3% BURN ✅ 2% REFLECTIONS $BETTA Token Introduces “Proof Of No Work” – The Less You Do, The More You Get Rewarded. $BETTA is a unique automatic reflection token, with a fixed supply. 100% of the tokens are circulating from day 1 of trading. There is no staking, no minting & no inflation of any kind. The reflection rewards come only from a 💰 5% tax charged on all transactions (🔥 3% BURN, ✅ 2% REFLECTIONS). The smart contract also eliminates the popular "add liquidity" event, which actually steals liquidity from a project by siphoning funds from those who do transactions on the network to the contract deployers. The ecosystem also has a dedicated burn wallet, which features 2 burns a month (15th & 1st). This burn wallet rewards holders of $BETTA with large reflections from its transactions for free for hodling.


$ 100000


May 13, 2022