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420Coin 420

420Coin is a new project that offers holders the opportunity to raise funds for cannabis research. The token will go through 3 phases. Phase 1 involves deploying 50,000,000 of the token to gain initial liquidity. Once the token reaches its goal of $50,000 liquidity, Phase 2 will be initiated. This involves liquidating 2.5% of the token which will be donated to different cannabis research organizations. This process will continue every time 420Coin's liquidity doubles. Once the token reach $800,000 in liquidity, Phase 3 will begin. Phase 3 involves donating 2.5% of liquidity every time it gains another $420,000 in liquidity. When the coin's circulating supply is 2% or less, an additional 5,000,000 will be deployed. This will continue until all tokens are in circulation. Our goal is to have 420Coin provide holders a unique opportunity to support the cannabis community.

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May 3, 2021

Reese Little

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