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The main purpose of One Million Dollar Coin is to support our holders. Together they are the owners of our coin. We don’t focus on charity as most coins do. Our holders are our charity. The goals of our owners are our goals. So the 15% fee we charge is used to make our holders reach their goals. Your investment will grow along with One Million Dollar Coin. During our journey, 1000X can easily be achieved for early owners of One Million Dollar Coin. So it is possible for everyone to reach the goal of becoming a millionaire. Together we are the best that cryptocurrency can provide. We will be the first, the fastest, and the cheapest decentralized bank of the future with the most payment solutions. We will be available everywhere and for everyone around the world. The owners are the heart of One Million Dollar Coin. They are the foundation of One Million Dollar Coin. With the 15% fee that is built-in with every transaction, we develop solutions to meet the challenges ahead. We recruit the best people. We build partnerships and invest in innovation to seize new opportunities. This is how we achieve successes together, the success that we celebrate together.

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June 19, 2021


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