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Tired of paying for useless marketing?
Don't be fooled by sites like Coinhunters or Coinmooner that bombard you with ads and boast high traffic.

Many bot programs and services exist that can deceive sites by generating fake users, they are even able to interact as real users, falsifying data from analytics sites.

How can you be sure this is true?
They don't use services like Google Adsense or Coinzilla while they put the most ads. Why is that? Simply because traffic botting is prohibited and leads directly to a ban.

Not convinced? Let's see the evidence below.
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They advertise that they are first on Similarweb and traffic estimation sites on purpose to deceive you. You will pay to get no results.
Just go to the telegram of the promoted projects and their graph to see that there is no effect.
See their fraudulent practices

On the other hand, we are ranked in the top 20 best crypto advertising sites at just behind Coinpaprika, a code is injected on our pages so they can check our traffic and impressions.
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The accumulated evidence is authentic, you can check for yourself. We have also reported web-scraping by many competitors to forge their listed tokens...
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us

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