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Our team is excited to bring you Zyra, A new cryptocurrency created on the ERC-20 Blockchain by a diverse group of well skilled individuals from the around the world. We will operate with integrity, transparency and respect for our community member’s. Zyra plans to incorporate several utilities volume based staking, NFT’s, Zyra Swap, Zyra Wallet with the goal of building our own blockchain! In today’s business practices, the value of an asset is determined by several factors such as estimated risk, cost of operations, and determinants of growth. We believe this can be carried over into the crypto space as well If we have the community support needed, we believe there is no limit to how far Zyra can go! We also feel the same about Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) which to most seem worthless, but because of the scarcity factor, hype and growing attention they are getting some series have become highly sought after with no ceiling to their potential value

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$ 7,249


December 6, 2022


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