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This project is in presale phase. Be careful when investing - DYOR

The Most Secure Crypto Wallet Choose between a hot and cold wallet to access your funds easily without a private key. Walletika allows crypto users to access their wallets without the need for a private key via a decentralized login protocol instead of saving their private keys or seed phrases on their devices to avoid them being stolen. also supports the decentralized two-factor authentication (2FA) protocol to confirm transactions. Walletika supports installation as a hot wallet on the local device and a cold wallet on a removable USB drive to keep your funds safe and away from hackers. Walletika supports multiple blockchain networks, and provides staking services for different pairs, and supports sending and receiving crypto assets securely and faster with friendly user interface and many tools to improve the user experience. Try Walletika Today 🔥




September 1, 2023

March 1, 2024


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