WASDAQ: The Revolutionary Token Bringing Investors Better Life/Investing Balance with Predefined Trading Hours WASDAQ (WSDQ) is the first token in the world that you can trade at predefined hours, like stocks 🕤 MONDAY – FRIDAY : 1:30 pm – 8:00 p.m UTC ⏰ SATURDAY – SUNDAY : CLOSED The project has started in May 2021 and launched on PCS on July, 5 Why this unique concept? DeFi is a powerful market but with high risks that we all know: no guardrails. Tired of going to bed late and waking up early with the fear that your token price has dropped? Thats why we created WASDAQ ! We have developed a revolutionary smart contract called Gatekeeper which is in charge of setting the trading hours. During the closing trading hours, Gatekeeper blocks trading activities : so, the price couldn't drop. You can enjoy family/friends time, be away from screen or go to bed safe. Our goal is to launch a trading platform with several similar tokens to WASDAQ, with reliable tools to trade them efficiently. We also want to offer our tokens to exchanges as a "loss leader tokens" (or first entry point) for their new customers, those who comes from traditional markets / stocks and wants to get into cryptos, with a related product that already know: trade our tokens with predefined opening hours before getting into other 24 hours cryptos. We believe that predefined trading hours can give mass public adoption to the cryptos markets.





July 5, 2021


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