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TikToken2Earn TT2E

TT2E is a Web3 Tiktok-to-earn and Watch-to-earn lifestyle app ✅ with Social-Fi and Game-Fi elements including metaverse integration, focused on TikTok Social App. 💎 🔥DAPP and Android/iOS mobile apps.✅ Team Doxxed, KYC, AUDIT and also SAFU BADGE🔰 CMC & CG FAST TRACK ✅Mystery box NFTs 🎁📸 Don't miss our TTicket for an AUDI TT Giveaway Raffle🏆 1. ABOUT THE DAPP Our DAPP is fully tested and ready to use about 2 weeks after launch to comply with PinkSale SAFU requirements, unlike many other projects we have decided to invest our money instead of waiting for those of the investors. 2. ABOUT WEBSITE, GRAPHICS AND NFT All visual part and the graphic components of nft and website have been entirely handled by one of our team members who have been working in this area for several years. 3. WILL THE TEAM BE VERIFIED? The team obviously has audit, kyc and SAFU badge on Pinksale, we do it mainly to protect our investors and get them to trust us. Plus part of the team is doxxed. 4. WHAT ARE THE MARKETING MOVES? The team has massive marketing moves in mind including partnerships with major influencers on tiktok which after launch will bring large market turnout to the token. 5. IS TIKTOKEN SUSTAINABLE? The sustainability of TikToken is unprecedented, our goal is to make the TT2E token as deflationary as possible and that is why we have studied every movement in detail, to reward our supporters in the short - medium and long term. 6. WHY TIKTOK? Tiktok is definitely the most famous and trendiest social network at the moment, we all have fun posting our dances and watching others', so why not earn money while having fun?




September 29, 2022


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