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TeleChat TELE

TeleChat is an application based on encryption technology and decentralized storage that supports chatting through mobile, and it supports users to create content, donations, advertisements and SWAP, so it is also a system and platform. The app has been developed and will be released soon, and everyone can download it. Contract has been professionally audited and certified. Audit Company: Solidity Finance Audit: Based on decentralized storage and blockchain, only you and the recipient know the content of the chat, which is the key to personal privacy, and everyone will never be banned. You can publish public remarks on the platform and visible to everyone. It's the right of others to agree with your views, and it is your right to publish or share views. We commit that the platform can be used by crypto or non-crypto users. Advertising fees are priced in USD and billed in $TELE. Features Of TeleChat World: • Create to earn • Chat to earn • Advertising revenue • Charge content • Tips and donations • Share to earn • Influencer Channel • Swap • Staking We will develop the advertising platform and divide it into two basic parts, the home page and the advertising page. Homepage ads Conspicuous Banner can catch the eye, is relatively slightly expensive Revenue from click-to-view video ads Income from clicks on articles We will cooperate with well-known advertising platforms, such as: Google adsense, A-ads, AdChoices, Admob, Facebook, Propeller Ads... Ads Protocol (AI system) Telechat Protocol - We provide solutions for advertisers with AI systems. Because the ad revenue will be through smart contracts, it will save your budget, the results are transparent, and the payment system is automatic. Various modes: CPA - CPM - CPD




December 3, 2022


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