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Stranger Coin is inspired by the hit show Stranger Things and features a first of its kind endowment tax to promote indefinite growth of the currency. The Stranger Coin endowment is supplied by a tax of 4% on buys and 7% on sells of Stranger Coin transactions. The endowment is placed in equal distribution between 2 pancakeswap farms: BNB/cake and BNB/BUSD which are currently yielding 46% and 27% APY at the time of this Strange Paper. 90% of the accrued interest is used to buy back Stranger Coin, the other 10% is reinvested in the farms. This ensures that the endowment will grow indefinitely, and that the Stranger Coin buybacks will grow and increase the price of Stranger Coin indefinitely. Infinite Growth The endowment tax ensures that all taxed money stays within Stranger Coin. Unlike other coins that give reflections or dividends to users, this money can be removed from those tokens if the holder sells. The endowment tax ensures that all taxed money stays within the token for eternity and investment in PancakeSwap farms ensures that the endowment grows in perpetuity. 👾Strangenomics: 👾 ⚡️Buy Tax: 10% ⚡️4% Liquidity ⚡️4% Endowment ⚡️2% Marketing ⚡️Sell Tax: 15% ⚡️7% Liquidity ⚡️7% Endowment ⚡️1% Marketing JOIN our growing community. LEARN how Endowment System work. BUIDL a greater BSC Tax System for continous growth.

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December 31, 2021


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