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JamesWebbCoin JWC

An amazing community (Now standing at 82 members in the Telegram) is building behind this coin, we are approaching 6 days old, the MC currently stands at $10,608, we have some excellent holders and think this coin can really go far, as the market recovers you want the be involved with this! The coin tokenomics have been designed so that there would be a maximum buy in amount of 1%, this has been designed to prevent whales buying in and dumping, also as a BOT prevention method. If you are trying to buy and getting an error you will need to try buying less. There has also been built in as a reward for holders, a percentage burn feature - a 5% fee will be automatically added to the liquidity pool and a 2% fee will be automatically distributed to all holders, the devs wish to reward long term investors as they believe this to be a long term project.

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May 21, 2021


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