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Flinch FLN

Flinch (FLN) is the worlds first diminishing tax token that rewards the community for holding whilst aiming to reduce some of the risks associated with a new offering. Built on the Binance Smart Chain its stability will be supported by a community of investors who understand and appreciate the tokens unique properties as they each aim to sell at their own ideal time. There is no minimum or maximum investement, and you can buy and sell at any point during the project so it is never too late to join. But don’t too soon! The biggest problem for new tokens are wild fluctuations and a lack of stability. What if a new token could alleviate these and still offer the potential for maximum rewards? We believe that we can achieve this using Flinch token’s unique reducing sales tax structure and token rewards program. It incentivises investors to hold longer by rewarding them with lower fees and greater dividends. Dividends are paid as Binance pegged BUSD.

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December 18, 2021


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