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ETH Fan Token EFT

ETH Fan Token was created as a fan token for all people who love the Ethereum coin and blockchain. However, as well all know, sometimes the ETH gas fee can be exorbitant, increasing the amount of investment required. Sometimes, the gas fee would be more than the person's desired investment, which would discourage said person from making his investment. By creating EFT on Bep20, we have made an attempt (which is pretty successful so far, barring some hiccups here and there) to make our token accessible to all fans of the ETH blockchain and coin who may not want or are unable to pay high gas fee. By buying our token, one can enjoy all benefits of the crypto currency space at low transaction fee. We are however working on a bridge to ERC20 network.

$ 0.0000000247602

$ 15,532,356


December 18, 2021