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Market Cap: $99,012,754,588,643
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Doofy POF

This project is in presale phase. Be careful when investing - DYOR

Doofy is a meme coin unlike any other, with a purpose unlike any other. It isn't merely about creating a digital asset that's used to hold and trade value. It speaks to something much deeper. It's about pushing creative boundaries, breaking the traditional moulds and reshaping on how today’s crypto world works - promoting a powerful community spirit and connecting people across the world. Marketing Wallet: 10 billion DOF (10%) Marketing and promotion of Doofy. Development Wallet: 20 billion DOF (20%) Development and improvement of the Doofy platform. Liquidity Wallet: 30 billion DOF (30%) Providing liquidity on decentralized exchanges. Operations Wallet: 10 billion DOF (10%) Covering operational expenses and partnerships. Contract Creator (Deployer): 30 billion DOF (30%) Initial allocation for project kickstart and development. ​




September 1, 2023


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