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Deal With It DWIT

This project is in presale phase. Be careful when investing - DYOR

IT IS WHAT IT IS. DEAL WITH IT! The goal of the Deal With It movement is to accomplish what other tokens have not—to bring stable profits/results and genuinely reward the community in every way possible. This includes delivering real prizes with community-proven evidence, airdrops, staking, a rewards system, token buybacks, and burning to promote value appreciation. One of the objectives is to one day reach the grandmaster himself, Elon Musk. When we get it, the haters just gonna have to deal with it! $100K USDT AIRDROP Here's your chance to become a f***nkg dealer and compete for the $100K USDT Airdrop. Join the $DWIT movement, make all entries and turn your luck into profit. While other memecoins just promise prizes, we deliver real ones and prove. The haters just gonna have to Deal With It! SolidProof Audit




November 30, 2023


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