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Crypto Legions Bloodstone v3 BLV3

Crypto Legions is a cutting edge Play-To-Earn NFT game on the BSC network. Bloodstone is the native utility token that's used for: Minting in-game NFTs. Receiving game rewards. Purchasing hunting supplies in order to complete missions. Buying NFTs off other users from the in-game marketplace. Who is the team behind Crypto Legions? Crypto Legions is run by a well-rounded team with many years experience in both Crypto and Business. One of the founders, Danny is the crypto-currency expert of the team, with vast experience and knowledge of P2E game mechanics and the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem. His Co-Founder Shark has over 20 years experience in business, entrepreneurship, IT sales & marketing, and IT recruitment. He built several thriving businesses, and created multiple communication training programs. He’s also an award-winning film producer/director, breaking records in fundraising, and developing movies for the top streaming platforms. They are backed up by a highly skilled development team with over 100 years of combined Blockchain, Development and IT experience. Their ambition is to create the longest lasting play-to-earn NFT game on the BSC network with a lucrative ROI for players. What makes Crypto Legions unique? 1. Play Forever Earn Forever™ 2. Transparent Economy Status 3. Smart Claim System™ 4. In-game Referral System 5. We Prove We Care 6. The Reserve Pool™ 7. Reincarnation™ 8. A Record Breaking Game

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September 27, 2022


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