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BluntDoge BLUNT

BluntDOGE is the chillest, and most loyal member of the doge family. It's in his nature to burn, and burn he does! BluntDOGE is known for inventing brand new burn mechanisms that are unique to the space, due to his high IQ and expanded mind thanks to the cannabis. As a result of this, BluntDOGE is ready to toke way beyond 420 gains. With solid memes and a good group of friend-buddies, he is ready to blaze. Blunt Doge has a unique one of a kind non-jeet contract that has high reflections and an even higher sell tax to punish paper-hands - 5/5/2 on purchase and 8/8/2 on sells - Reflections/Liquidity/Marketing funds. In addition to being diamond hand friendly, members who have not sold a single BLUNTDOGE token are eligible to be airdropped free BNB so they can acquire as much or as little 🍃 as they desire! 1 quadrillon tokens as starting supply (to be burned rapidly) and the LP will be 100% locked for 420 days.

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July 29, 2021


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