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ApexFinance APXF

♦️Apex-Finance One of the Fastest Rebase Protocol - Auto Staking & Auto Compounding Every Block (5 Seconds) with Fixed APY 825,992.73%. 🎨ApexPredator NFT Collection: NFT Airdrop in Fair Launch to all Pre-sale contributors Daily BNB Reward For NFT Owners - 🏦 APXF Bank - Daily APR $BNB Passive Income. Defi 3.0 Multi Chain Farming to support the high reward ApexPredators NFT Collection: 4 rarities, Daily Reward BNB from 2% sale volume for owners. Apex Finance Bank: Earn BNB from 2% trading volume & get the right to vote in Apex Finance Governance 🔗 Cross Chain Bridge: Attract new investors from other networks with lower fees Liquidity Locked For 200 Years ♦️Tokenomics 13% Buy 17% Sell Liquidity: 4% Buy/Sell 🏦Treasure: 2% Sell Risk insurance fund: 6% Buy/Sell ( keep Staking an high rewards backed ) 🎨NFT owner reward: 2% Sell Apex Finance Bank: 2% Buy/Sell 🔥Burn Party: 1% Buy/ Sell Contract audit by: contractwolf KYC




May 14, 2022


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