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What is Aladeen Token? $ALADEEN is the first token in my community token series. It's a BEP-20 meme token created solely for the purpose of introducing myself to the crypto apers. I have kept the HC super low so that it has a better potential of going to the moon and fast, and also because well it's just a meme token without any utility. GOAL: My main goal behind this token is to create this community because with a strong community anything can be achieved. Right after the launch of this token, I'll work on my actual idea for this group: an all-in-one crypto eco-system backed by the crypto community itself. TOKENOMICS: Since this is only an introductory token, I kept the tokenomics pretty simple: • 5% buy/sell fee. • No dev/marketing wallets; everything will go to LP. PRE-SALE: • Pre-Sale will happen on DxSale • 50% of the tokens (5,000,000,000 $ALADEEN) will be available in Pre-Sale • Pre-Sale will be held among whitelisted wallets to keep people from buying too much and then dump later. • Hardcap as well as Softcap will be 25 BNB i.e. if we don't reach this goal on DxSale, everyone can claim their BNBs back; hence its safe. ANTI-BOT MEASURES: • There is a delay between addLiquidityETH call on PancakeSwap & the time people can actually buy/sell on PancakeSwap. This will stop snipers to start buying as soon as liquidity is added. • The delay time will be announced right after liquidity is added. It'll be between 5min to 30min maximum.




April 30, 2022


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