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Dự án này đang trong giai đoạn presale. Cẩn thận khi đầu tư - DYOR

WEI coin has absorbed all the advantages of cash, from the speed of making payment to the anonymity of the payer. WEI transaction takes no more than 1 second. WEI mining methods allow to reduce the load on the environment WEIpay - payment system for sending and receiving WEI. Sending WEI by phone number or by attaching the device to an NFC tag as in the usual online banking apps. Accept WEI payments with our free clearing service. WEIpartner - the system of loans for the development and stimulation of business and turnover of WEI cryptocurrency. The decision to approve the loan is made by voting of the blockchain nodes. To repay the loan, you just need to add WEI as one of the payment forms. WEIback - algorithm for popularizing WEI as a means of payment. User who accepted the payment with WEI and the user who paid for goods with WEI receive the same fixed reward for their contribution to the development of blockchain payments.





July 14, 2022


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