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RX SEEDCOIN is a “for profit” advanced Blockchain technology business that strives to provide solutions to meet the growing problems of hunger, homelessness, health, provision of clean energy solutions as well as disaster relief and temporary emergency housing. Rx SeedCoin has created a Crypto Currency Coin (aka “the Coin of Compassion”) called SOW-Coin and Wrapped it onto the BSC Blockchain to capitalize their projects and perform buy backs from their business revenues in order to create a community of people who help each other by buying, holding and transacting in WSOW. The founders of RX SEEDCOIN, have studied the cryptocurrency market for years, and we knew it baffled most people. Then we thought, “What if we could create a currency based on real business combined with human potential to solve real world problems?” We needed to simplify cryptocurrency and make some sense out of it and make it a utility for the common consumer. BORN is RX SEEDCOIN - “The Coin of Compassion” Feed the Hungry Ongoing events including feeding those in need in the inner city / homeless community. Housing for the Homeless We have helped to build a tiny home and provide temporary housing for the homeless. Health and Wholeness for the Sick. We've helped provide MEDICAL attention for those with health conditions that cannot afford proper care.





January 15, 2022


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