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Royal BNB RB

ROYAL BNB ($RB) FIRST EVER ROYAL THRUST AUTO BNB HODLING The only token on BINANCE SMART CHAIN with a whooping 20% ROI auto-claimed BNB reflections with first ever HYPER THRUST features. Why buy Royal BNB $RB ? Royal BNB was coded to revolutionize crypto coin market. Loyal holder's of Royal BNB will always gain a massive 20% ROI automatically sent to their wallets in BNB without the hassle of claiming every 30 minutes. Not only accumulating the highest BNB deposit on the market, it also has a new feature called ROYAL THRUST. We believe this is the next big solidity code revolution. HardCoded algorithm takes data points of each dip and waits to buy up the threshold point until limit is reached. This gives a sky-rocketing shot at green candles every time the system kicks in. This is the first ever type of code ever deployed on Binance Smart Chain and it's new feature is bound to make this coin a hype never before seen. Join our royal community. A Royal retreat for loyal holder's !


$ 0.00000000829194

$ 80,382


July 31, 2021


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