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Rebuy Token REBUY

ReBuy! new tokenomics! Presale soon! ReBuy Token is a revolutionary token providing a whole new level of tokenomics. In addition to BNB rewards that are automatically distributed to holders (no need to claim), we introduce ReBuy Rewards where token holders are actually rewarded with discounts when buying more tokens! 📢 TOKENOMICS ✅ Anti whale and Anti Dump Selling fees start at 30%, but reduce down by 1% each day until it reaches the base fee of 5%. Preventing swing trading and pumps/dumps. Buy fees are always a low 5%. ✅ BNB rewards: 60% fees Liquidity: 20% fees Dev / marketing: 10% fees Burn: 10% fees (Fees being between 5-30%) ✅ Hold REBUY, Automatically Earn Bnb. Paid Every hour. ✅ Automated ✅basically to get lower fees faster double your bag each day, if you want. Dxsale: coming soon! Join telegram for updates. Tg: t.me/ReBuyToken Website: www.rebuy.finance





June 27, 2021


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