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Read is a charity token that has been initiated by the Fruits Foundation. Read token aims to contribute in the eradication of illiteracy. Every time $READ tokens are purchased or sold, 2% of the transaction is directed to the charity wallet, creating a sustainable and long term solution to continuously have an impact. Holders of $Read also share a 2% yield per transaction - all you have to do is hold! A bit more about the Fruits foundation and what it aims to do with Read: The Fruits foundation produces cryptocurrencies with a strong underlying aim which are handed over to the community along with the marketing wallet and a solid plus supportive road map. The foundation aims to give the token away once there is enough momentum and engagement in order to create a seed like movement which will hopefully nourish into something greater - this allows the founders of Fruits to continuously plant different charity tokens and allow them to grow.





June 14, 2021


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