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Orbeon Protocol ORBN

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ORBEON: Crowdfunding And Venture Capital Reinvented Orbeon is a launchpad that connects real-world businesses directly with the crypto community. What is Orbeon Protocol Orbeon protocol is one of the world’s first crypto crowdfunding platforms, that enables users to fractionally invest in some of the most exciting and promising early-stage businesses. Start-ups will be able to raise funds and engage with their community by offering reward and equity based NFTs. Each investment opportunity will be minted into an NFT and fractionalised, enabling anyone to back and invest in brands they truly believe in starting from as low as $1. The $ORBN utility token powers the Orbeon ecosystem and provides our community with a wide range of benefits. Launch Date: 4th April ORBN To Sell: 470,640,000 Total Supply: 888,000,000 Contract code fully audited and shown to be 100% secure. Audit by Solidity Finance solidity.finance/audits/OrbeonProtocol Audit by SolidProo app.solidproof.io/projects/orbeon Full team KYC verified by Coinsult. coinsult.net/projects/orbeon-protocol ETH Contract Address 0xA7fBd9254f10F8e20a31a593C9E8BC0D041e15F6





April 4, 2023

March 31, 2023


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