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Metacade MCADE

Metacade is the premier destination for gaming in the metaverse. As Web3's first community arcade that allows gamers to hang out, chat, and play exclusive P2E games, the platform helps users build careers in gaming while financing potential P2E projects with Metagrants to bring them to life. This WEB3.0 community will be the one-stop destination for users to play, earn, and network with other passionate gamers worldwide. Once the project reaches the end of its road map, Metacade will be handed over to the community as a full-fledged DAO. After all, Metacade wants you to have a hand in shaping the GameFi world of tomorrow. MCADE token The Metacade token ($MCADE) is built on the most popular Ethereum blockchain. The ERC20 network will allow $MCADE to be purchased via a low-cost, secured blockchain. MCADE is created to be the official currency of Metacade ecosystem. It’s an ERC-20 standard token that powers platform and users being rewarded for reviews. $MCADE token holders will be able to vote on which developer-submitted games will receive funding via Metagrants scheme


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November 23, 2022


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