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Marvin Inu MARVIN

MarvinInu a crypto invader born from the likeness of an Elon companion, is a community-driven token on the ethereum blockchain that is set to conquer the dog coin universe with galactical utilities and global marketing. Join the invasion Marvin INU has gathered a team of over twenty members, working on multiple utilities and marketing angles to cement itself as the next major meme coin of the crypto universe. With a large marketing wallet that grows with every transaction, and financial support from multiple whales originating from many different dog coins, nothing in the universe will stop this doggie crypto invader from conquering the crypto meme universe! Marvin is here to stay, not only as a tribute to Elon’s dog, but to bring you a full suite of treats, including his Launchpad, Staking, Farming, Metaverse and more! * www.MarvinInuEth.com * www.t.me/MarvinInuEther * www.twitter.com/marvin_inu Find us on @coinmarketcap @coingecko


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$ 45,758


December 20, 2021

Marvin Inu

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