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LuckyCoin LCK

🍀Lucky Coin ($LCK)🍀 Lucky Coin is a Fair Launch, Community driven DeFi token programmed to reward holders through its autonomous yield and liquidity generation protocol. We want to build an enormous ecosystem with farming, swapping, NFT games and the last and unique thing is that by using $LCK you’ll be able to scan other project’s code to find out if it’s scam or not via our site. So stay tuned, and start to collect $LCK from the beginning. 🚀FAIR LAUNCH ONLY🚀 🛑Pancakeswap listing : 01/07/2021 6:00 PM UTC ‼️CONTRACT ADRESS will be disclosed only at launch to make it really a FAIR LAUNCH, without sniping bots. ✅ No “scam presale”, no private sale etc... ✨ Supply 1 Trillion (-50% burn = 500 Billion) 🔥 100% LP burn at launch 🔐 Ownership renounce at launch 🔒 4% fee to LP forever 💎 5% fee redistributed to all holders 📈 1% fee to technical wallet (marketing and development) Links: 🌐Website lucky-coin.space/ 🦋Twitter twitter.com/lucky_co1n 💬Telegram Chat t.me/lckcoinchat ✅Telegram Announcements t.me/luckycoinnews





July 1, 2021


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