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Little Paws Token LPAWS

Dự án này đang trong giai đoạn presale. Cẩn thận khi đầu tư - DYOR

Little Paws Token - PRIVATE SALE Little Paws is a reward token on the Binance Smart Chain which provides Bitcoin rewards to token holders. We are also developing a staking and yield farming platform which will be rolled out in Phase 2. To further build on the project we will also be looking to integrate a launchpad in Phase 3 which will bring huge value to the entire ecosystem. THE PRIVATE SALE WILL BE FOLLOWED BY A PRESALE 🚀🚀🚀 FEATURES ✅ 8% BTC Rewards - Phase 1 - Launch ✅ Passive Earning NFT with a Partner Token ✅ Staking - Phase 2 ✅ Yield Farming - Phase 2 ✅ Launchpad - Phase 3 TOTAL SUPPLY 1,000,000,000 TOKENOMICS - 17% Total Fees 💎 8% BTC Rewards for Hodling 💎 3% Liquidity Pool 💎 6% Marketing / Buy Back / Development THE CONTRACT ADDRESS & TICKER WILL NOT BE DISCLOSED UNTIL PRIOR TO THE LAUNCH





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