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Phiếu bầu: 174,974,645
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$HODL Token operates on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Network as a dual-reward token offering both BNB rewards (4%) and reflections (1%) to its investors (HODLers). There is a 5% tax on all buys, sells, and transfers that fund the reward pool and reflections. Note – when buying $HODL or selling, apply 6% slippage. $HODL Transaction tax model: 👉 4% to BNB Reward Pool 👉 1% as Reflections HODL’s ecosystem and newly created Decentralized Exchange (HODLX “the simple” DEX) currently supports both HODL and HODLX project tokens and provides its own Yield Farming, Staking and specialist staking pools. The roadmap shows that more development is imminent including a vault, poker, app, payments card, fiat ramps, lottery, BNB miner, and more. HODL - Passive Income Made Easy Website 👉 HODLtoken.net Buy $HODL 👉 HODLtoken.net/buy *(use 6% slippage) Telegram 👉 HODLtoken.net/telegram Twitter 👉 HODLtoken.net/twitter Price Chart 👉 HODLtoken.net/chart Roadmap 👉 HODLtoken.net/roadmap Whitepaper 👉 HODLtoken.net/whitepaper About HODL 👉 HODLtoken.net/about Claim BNB 👉 HODLtoken.net/claim News 👉 HODLtoken.net/news HODL Hands NFTs 👉 HODLtoken.net/hodl-hands-nfts HODL DEX 👉 HODLX.exchange HODL Games 👉 HODLgames.net HODL Dashboard 👉 HODLdash.io


$ 0.00000000139749

$ 1,021,560


May 11, 2021

HODL Token

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