Tiền mã hóa: 26,788
Phiếu bầu: 156,967,482
Vốn hóa thị trường: $46,660,210,568,913,600
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Cultivated Finance CULT

Community-driven Deflationary DeFi token built on the BSC. Auto LP + Rewards for holders when they Join the Cult! Here's a breakdown of how we can get going: MEMBERS Cultivated Finance is a community driven and fair launch token that thrives off the shear number of people who Join The Cult. RECRUITERS Spread the Word! Holders earn passive rewards through static reflection while watching their balance of $CULT grow without limits. The more people buy, the more reward you shall receive. TRADERS Every trade contributes toward automatic liquidity generation that is locked inside PancakeSwap for 1Y.


$ 0.000000000000198589

$ 99


May 24, 2021

Cultivated Finance

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