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Phiếu bầu: 165,111,987
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Bit Shitcoin BTS

$BitShitcoin is a Community-Centered Token; this token is a Utility, Currency, Valuable, Asset, Reward and Dividend Token. When we design Bitshitcoin, we wanted the $BitShitcoin, it would have as a nominal representation 21 Quadrillion $BitShitcoin. With this in mind, number of $BitShitcoin was generated. Trust Wallet, Token Pocket Wallet and Via Wallet is the most important wallets that can hold $BitShitcoin. Bitshitcoin has a variety of financial programs for this token, including: Airdrop, Pre-Sale, Initial Offering, and Public Offering in Exchanges. Bitshitcoin Future Programs are: The Launch of the $BitShitcoin Exchange, Launching the Bitshitcoin Journal, Launching a website called Altshitcoin Information, Launching a Charity Fund, Establishment of the $BitShitcoin Fans Club, Increasing the Holders to 21,000, 21,000, 2100,000 and 21 million Holders. We hope that the token can be used in the following cases: To Payment, For Investment and For Money Transfer.


$ 0.000000000000691256

$ 8,307


December 25, 2021


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