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Phiếu bầu: 106,914,871
Vốn hóa thị trường: $41,077,685,651,949
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BackToTheDefi FLUX

🚨⚡️BackToTheDefi: Part 1⚡️🚨 Super Yield Farm on the #BSC that is going to change the Futur of your Wallet. 🔐 3 Days Harvest Lockup 💴 Max supply: 1,728,000 $FLUX 💲 Token Launch price: $0.1 👩‍🌾 Yield Farm 📺 Classic Memes 🔥 Insane APRs up to 1.21 GIGAWATTS 📝Contract is unruggable: 🛡Deposit shield 🔒Harvest lock 🔥Liquidity burnt forever 0️⃣ No token for the team! 📆Launch schedule : 🌐dApp opening : ✅ 🚀Token Fair launch : Friday, 2nd of July, 14:00 UTC 👨‍🌾Farming start : Saturday, 3rd of July, 14:00 UTC - Countdown Here 🌎Site BackToTheDefi Here 🐦Twitter Here 📫Telegram Here 🔸CONTRACTS : 👉🏻Flux Token: 0xb8BadF43C26d781F819F1397761ef326D78a0977 👉🏻Masterchef: 0x8ACdD83803242c16e50828D1b97E266c6B513d17 - will be timelocked once tests finished 👉🏻Lottery: 0x579c6072DBdC9e01f2AcecFb2A0B9B6566391A83 Let's spread the word !! ✨ Synchronize your watches. The future's of defi is coming back 🏁 Join Back To The DeFi - Part 1 and farm up to 1.21 Gigawatts! 🔥🔥🔥🚀 ⚡️We have the perfect machine to pump your wallet ! ⚡️





July 2, 2021


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