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2030Floki 2030FLOKI

2030 FLOKI is a smart AI rebase and reward token on BSC. The artificial intelligence (AI) of the token undergoes a series of analysis, calculates the most reasonable increase, and passively awards holders $DOGE. With a rebase token, the projects supply is variable and will adjust automatically on a routine basis. The design of smart rebases makes tokens more tradable and extremely profitable due to increased buying pressure. 2030 FLOKI has the meme hype, combined with real utilities that provides passive income for holders in the form of $DOGE rewards. The future requires many digital marketplaces and different platforms and avenues for the commerce, 2030 Floki plans to be on the forefront of this. 2030 Floki plans to be around until 2030 and beyond, seeking to increase functionality in its code and further engage its community.


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December 13, 2021


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