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Travel N Miles TNM

Hello, We are from Travel N´ Miles, an institution that emerged with the aim of simplifying the life of the traveler to the point of facilitating the conversion of their travel credits, better known as air miles. One of the growth strategies of the TNM ecosystem includes all over the world: partnerships with the travel industry, hosting companies as well as gastronomic centers. In addition to developing our own DEX where interested parties can buy their TNM and also exchange miles for TNM, our token is available for trading on Pancake Swap, but we are looking for new exchanges to further increase the liquidity of our currency. Our coin was officially launched on May 28, 2021 and we've already hit the $20 million Market Cap mark. Therefore, we would like to know what conditions are necessary for us to list our TNM token on your platform.

$ 14983200000

$ 6,902,709,951,673,382,637,404,160


May 28, 2021


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