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Travel Coin TCOIN

TCOIN Farm Available Now! APY 50% - 200% Decentralized Token Used As A Reward For Restaurants, Hotels And More. Using the TCOIN crypto-bonus, restaurants increase their sales, hotels reduce the fees paid to booking platforms to zero, and customers use the TCOIN tokens for discounts and other facilities. The advantages of using the TCOIN token are multiple, but the main one is that the partner location managers (restaurants, cafes, clubs, hotels) increase their sales, attract new customers and retain existing ones by offering crypto-bonuses in the form of TCOIN tokens to their customers if they have spent in the location amounts included in a certain bonus grid. Leading customers to certain hotels, restaurants, and other businesses that use the TCOIN tokens as bonuses, or accepts the TCOIN tokens for discounts, is also one of the main advantage of the Travel Coin.

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June 1, 2021


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