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Street Breed Coin SBC

What is a $SBC Coin? Born on November 10, 2021, StreetBreedCoin ($SBC) is a Deflationary BEP-20 Token built on the Binance Smart Chain for maximum performance. We are 100% community-driven. 100% fair launch on PancakeSwap. 100% LP Tokens Burnt. 100% Pure Project. Purpose of SBC? The purpose of developing the $SBC is to make a global community dedicated to saving our Street Breeds in need every day. By connecting Animal Shelters, Volunteers, and Donors globally in one place to share knowledge, education, funding, and rewards through Blockchain technology. We are making $SBC the currency in our Street Breed Eco-system. Where members will have easy access to the SBC-web portal for information on local help and support that is available nearby from animal shelters and hospitals, to medical supplies and doctors nearby. Sending and Receiving funds globally without the need of a Bank. Unlike traditional crypto, $SBC is deflationary crypto and it rewards its holders with a 4% Rewards, 4% towards charity, which is the main purpose. 2% goes to a Liquidity Pool (LP) and the development team has burnt 100% of LP Tokens. We have done a 100% fair launch on PancakeSwap. So please support $SBC if you believe in saving street animals globally. We want to create a global database for anyone to access for immediate support for helping an injured street animal. Not all countries have access to good animal care and rescue. So by joining SBC you will not be alone next time you decide to help an injured street animal. Others like you are part of the SBC community and are willing to support you every step of the way, from animal ambulance to doctor to funds for saving a Street Life. Join us today and make a difference tomorrow. StreetBreedArmy Go Go Go!!!

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November 10, 2021


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