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Oylar: 108,658,779
Piyasa Değeri: $41,077,584,893,367
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Smile Shib SSHIB

Beauty is power; a smile is it's sword. Smile Shibba is an international community token built on Binance Smart Chain - the team's vision is to provide a one way ticket to the moon for people from all around the world! Featuring a 11% total tax on transaction, 4% goes back to liquidity, 4% to marketing, with 3% reflecting back to holders. This is the most premium ratio to ensure we keep a happy smile on all our community. With an evolving use case, YOU the community get to decide how far we take this, Smile Ship is sure the top dog on Binance Smart Chain!

$ 0.0000000234875

$ 1,163


June 20, 2021

shill till you die

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