Bozuk Paralar: 26,837
Oylar: 157,711,772
Piyasa Değeri: $6,658,809,791,597,067
Yesterday Winner 2 Metacade
Trending Winner 2 Baby Doge Coin


At Retro DEFI we are committed to hand our community with high quality dapps and tools, creating use case for our tokens and a healthy environment where everyone earns in a truly decentralized ecosystem. R-CUBE combines the best deflationary and dynamic supply mechanisms to ensure a constant reward to all holders R-CUBE runs in cycles . On every cycle, the Burn Rate is increased in 1% increments for each 500,000 Tokens transacted until 6.5% Burn Rate is reached. After 2,500,000 traded tokens it will reset to the initial rate. After the end of each cycle a rebase will be called which rebases 25% of the burned tokens during the previous cycle to holders wallets.

$ 0.000354754

$ 7,013


April 22, 2021


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