Bozuk Paralar: 27,773
Oylar: 165,913,417
Piyasa Değeri: $40,099,009,420,399,848
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Morgan Freemoon FREEMOON

You are looking for the next big meme moonshot? Let me introduce you to Morgan Freemoon! Literally the biggest no brainer which will hit the market soon! Isnt every movie with morgan a success? Yes! Exactly like this meme coin Morgan Freemoon comes with new unique tokenomics. Hodlers gets rewarded with 4% reflection and 2% burn. The great addition to that is Morgan will gain an extra freckle for every 100 holders which causes additional token burn. The ultimate goal of this Token is to reach a big community and get the attention of the Morgan Freemon! Youtube promotions and a charity event for skin cancer will help this Coin to elevate us into the space.




May 31, 2021


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