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The best video sharing platform with binance smart chain technology Kiviu Token Holders • The 70% of revenue can be used for buyback or burning of tokens • can be used as a payment at various merchant • adding value income when kiviu token is getting high • Kiviu token can be purchased in exchange global • No taxes / fees for the transaction (buy/ sell) Advertisers / Endorser • Advertiser will get discount when they are making a payment using Kiviu Token • Advertiser flexibly can use Paypal, Visa or Credit Card as a payment method • Kiviu is used by more than 147 countries across the globe • Advertise on is so much worth it than in any other platform Content Creators • Kiviu token offering cryptocurrency as a revenue to the content creators • Content creators can easily earn kiviu token by uploading videos • Viewers will also can earn kiviu token by watching and clicking like button Total Token Supply = 50,000,000 Opening Price = $0.0008 Market = PancakeswapV2 Slip-0% Pair = KIV/BUSD

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June 2, 2021


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