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Oylar: 156,967,482
Piyasa Değeri: $46,660,210,568,913,600
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EverCoom COOM

🚀 EverCoom($COOM) 💦 ✅ Massive Buy-Back Protocol ✅ Aggressive Marketing with big Influencers Onboard ✅ Staking app, NFT platform and more coming ✅ Regular AMAs before pre-sale ✅ 100% Transparent dev ✅ Team Wallet Locked +1 month ✅ Liquidity 100% Locked 🔐 for 12 months! ✅ Fully audited by Techrate 🚀What exactly is Buy-Back? The protocol works like an anti-dump mechanism, it's purpose is to automatically buy back the token from the market, increasing the investors value and also send those token to a dead wallet after the Buy-Back is made, which in turn increases the circulating supply value. 💎What is our Mission? The project is focused on creating a significant and robust ecosystem surrounding the $COOM token that puts its price on a sustainable steady uptrend in the long run. We are performing weekly charity donations and will have new features being implemented in Q3. Exciting things a staking app, a merchandise shop, and ultimately a decentralized NFT marketplace caters to "wojak" content created by some of the best NFT artists in the DeFi space.

$ 0.0000000000466622

$ 30,165


July 7, 2021


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