Bozuk Paralar: 27,685
Oylar: 165,581,783
Piyasa Değeri: $40,099,009,420,750,904
Yesterday Winner 2 PepeMusk
Trending Winner 2 Volt Inu


DogeDollar ($DOGEDOLLAR) is a light-hearted deflationary token on Binance Smart Chain, with a 10% tax applied to every transaction. A 10% tax is applied to every transaction of DOGEDOLLAR, which is split to reward current holders (6%) and grow a stable locked liquidity pool (4%). Since 6% of every transaction is taxed and rewarded to holders, the “burn wallet” (counts as a holder) grows with every transaction. Therefore, every transaction reduces the circulating supply, increasing scarcity of the tokens. DOGEDOLLAR also incorporates an anti-whale mechanism built in to prevent ownership of more than 1% of the total supply. With every transaction, tokens are burnt, the liquidity pool grows, and holders are rewarded!

$ 0.00000000000165678

$ 828


June 10, 2021


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