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Established in May 2022, Making Cents has grown rapidly to become the leading web3 social, marketing and educational platform on Vite blockchain. The project has also recently been awarded official sponsorship from Vite Labs under the 'SBP Sponsorship for DAO Builders' program. Making Cents is drawn towards Vite's vision of a multi-chain future, and aims to become the meeting place for like-minded crypto enthusiasts and new crypto users to learn about the diverse ecosystem of blockchains and their capabilities, as well as exchange knowledge on a wide range of crypto-related topics. The network effect of different crypto communities coming together will further accelerate the growth of Making Cents. The project is dedicated to 3 core operations 📚 Crypto education 🗣️ Affiliate marketing ✍️ Social Publishing The strategic combination of these complementary services will enable the project to achieve greater network effects, accelerating crypto adoption. Join our socials to connect, learn and earn!

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