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BabyDooDoo BDD

About BabyDooDoo BabyDooDoo will be stealth launching in the Binance Smart Chain network. This token has automatic BUSD rewards and liquidity generation. 🐶 Baby Doo Doo Token 🐶 Did you guys miss out on BabyDoge? Well the baby craze isn't done yet! Check out Baby Doo Doo with amazing tokenomics for automatic BUSD redistribution and automated liquidity generation! Baby Doo Doo is the newest and greatest community meme token inspired by Elon Musk's Baby doo doo tweet and combined with a dog we all know and love, Skooby Doo! Earn your BUSD just for holding Baby Doo Doo. Sit back HODL and watch your BUSD balance grow exponentially based on the volume as rewards are automatically claimed for you straight to your wallet! With a global team boasting many connections both within the BSC community and outside. We have all the necessary resources to take this token to the moon and further. We will create NFTs and NFT Market 🐶 BabyDooDoonomics 🐶 10% BUSD reflection 5% liquidity rerefle

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$ 767


June 30, 2021


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