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Baby Cali is a 10 person team, with a healthy start you will receive Eth rewards, and a community of diamond handed studs! Launched a little over a week ago and has PLENTY of room to grow! Definitely NOT a pump and dump token! This thing has moonshot written all over it, marketing barely getting started! Solid community of legit like minded individuals who love to HOLD their bags! Emphasize on the moon about to come! DYOR always, but if you do, you won’t want to leave! Solid tokenomics! Max wallet - 2000000000 Max Buy - 2000000000 Max Sell - 500000000 To ensure NO HUGE WHALES, and keep a nice even distribution amongst holders! To prevent large dumps. 📈 Huge marketing plan is being implemented at the moment, which includes ads on various websites such as Poocoin and Coinsniper, popular crypto influencer shills on Twitter/Daily Raids and giveaway competitions! You will want to come see our community! 🌴♀️ BABY CALI🌴‍♀️ 🔥10%ETH-REWARDS🔥 ✅ Stable Floor 👶 ✅ LOW MC ✅ VERIFIED CONTRACT 🚀

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August 10, 2021


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