Bozuk Paralar: 27,589
Oylar: 165,177,007
Piyasa Değeri: $99,009,509,927,276
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Angel Pig APG

APG is a deflationary token, with the most aggressive burning rate in the community. The Black Hole rapidly consumes 3% of every buy and sell transaction, increasing scarcity and value. APG Bank charges 3% transaction fee and rewards the charge to APG holders. This mechanism yields significant reward to long-term APG token holders. Since its official launch, the APG team has done things differently. Starting with a 90% less total supply than other members in the MEME family, our core team “burned” a further 88% of our total supply. Angel Pig is indeed a rare and valuable specimen in the community.

$ 0.000000000379868

$ 4,290


December 1, 2021

Angel Pig

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