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What is MISHKA Token? Mishka token is here to change the trend of alt-coins by providing real value and utility. While we brand ourselves as a cute meme coin, our project was meticulously developed to address issues and provide solutions to tackle the current risks and complexities of the decentralized economy. The Mishka Token is an alt-coin on the Ethereum Network, which takes an innovative approach to the alt-coin environment by applying advanced metrics and holistic marketing. Our Mishka Team will revolutionize the way people perceive and interact with utility tokens, all the while donating some Teddy Bears to charity. FEES When a transaction is made with $MISHKA, a 5% fee is applied. This fee is used to fund the development, marketing, and charity wallets. • 2.0 % DEVELOPMENT • 2.8 % MARKETING • 0.2 % CHARITY WALLET UTILITY • HoneyBot • MishkaMail • MishkaSWAP • Charts • Cross-Chain Transfer • Staking • eCommerce Integration

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July 5, 2021



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